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Name: Chen Yin Jie

Yunnan University of China - Apply Computer
Waterford Instituted of Technology - BSc in Commercial Software Development
University College Cork - MSc in Multimedia Technology
University College Cork - PhD in Simulation and Visualisation of Cancer Cells

Chen Yin Jie, Daniel C. Doolan, Sabin Tabirca "Geometrically based 3D Cancerous Cell Growth" - Eurographics Ireland 2006
Chen Yin Jie, Dr. Mark Tangney, Dr. Sabin Tabirca "Multimedia Representations of Gene Therapy Processes"[poster] -
Multidisciplinary Medical Conference 2006, UCC
2D/3D Visualisation of Cancer Treatment and Bacteria Fractal - MSc Thesis  
Yin Jie Chen, Daniel C Doolan, Sabin Tabirca, Mark Tangney, Razvan Bocu "Synthetic Imaging for 3D Bacterial Representation" -
Seventh Irish Workshop on Computer Graphics (2007)
Yin Jie Chen, Simon Rajendran, Mark Tangney, Sabin Tabirca "Multimedia Visualisation for Breast Cancer" - ICCCC 2008
Yin Jie Chen, Xue Feng Gao, Dr. Mark Tangney, Dr. Sabin Tabirca "2D/3D Visualization for Cancer Education"
- Education for Health Symposium UCC 2008
Yin Jie Chen, Sabin Tabirca, Mark Tangney "Interactive 3D Graphics for Cancer Modelling"
- Eurographics Ireland 2009, Trinity College Dublin
M. Paltanea, S. Tabirca, Y. J Chen and Mark Tangney, Tumor Growth Prediction Using the Gompertz Model, Proceedings of 3rd International Conference on
Experiments/Process/System Modeling/Simulation and Optimisation, Athens, July, 2009, pp 716-721.
Inexpensive Multimedia Visualization for Cancer
Vilualizationl Tool - VizEx
Email: cyt1@cs.ucc.ie
Location: Brighton Villas (Department of Computer Science)