Southern Symposium


Cork 2012

Professor Phil Quirke

He leads the section of pathology and tumour biology and has a major research interest in Bowel cancer, digital pathology and postgraduate education. Phil’s major achievements have been: to identify the cause of local recurrence in rectal cancer and open up the way to minimise this occurrence; to show that simple observations of cancer surgery and the specimens that are removed by surgeons can identify the quality of the operating surgeon and that educational interventions using excellent surgeons can improve outcomes in a number of European countries; to show that the standard operation for low rectal cancer carries a high risk of leaving tumour behind and that a different type of operation the extra levator abdomino–perineal excision can greatly reduce this risk; that routine surgery for colon cancer can be improved with the hope that it will save more lives and that molecular markers can help select patients for chemotherapy and this is being applied in ongoing studies.
He has taken part in many national and international clinical trials and is currently involved in 23 UK trials attempting to improve treatments for bowel cancer patients.
He leads the pathology component within the United Kingdom Bowel Cancer Screening Programme. view webcast...