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Development of software tools for use in research, with view to commercialisation.

Online Resources/Past projects

CancerTreatment Animation Tool Demo>>>

Breast Cancer Web Presentation Demo>>>

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Current Active Projects

Translational Research

Animation software.   Funded by EI POC and C+
VizEx: Data visualisation software for life science research.       
E-Learning Builder: Tool for lecturers to place video lectures online. Funding from President’s Strategic Fund in association with Postgraduate Studies Office. Tool is in active use by several UCC staff.


Computer Animations In The Real And Virtual Classroom: Recipient of ‘President’s Award For Research On Innovative Forms Of Teaching And Learning’.
SuperMan: Research Project Supervision Management database tool. In association with Postgraduate Studies Office.
Research Techniques Catalogue: Web-based multimedia catalogue of commonly used techniques at CCRC for training of new personnel.

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