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Innovative Forms of Teaching –
CRR Receives Award to Develop Animation Models to Enhance Teaching
  Modern multimedia tools taking the form of computer generated graphics, animations, movies, etc., provide educators at all levels, with the means to convey information to wide audiences with immediacy and clarity. Animated visuals have been found to engage audiences more readily than traditional presentation approaches such as ‘chalk and talk’, and they convey complex, or unvisualisable phenomena with much more impact than would otherwise be possible. On June 10th Dr. Mark Tangney and Dr. Sabin Tabirca, received the President’s Award for Research on Innovative Forms of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education for their work on ‘Computer Animations In The Real And Virtual Classroom’. This award will fund their proposal to assess the use of purpose built hitech computer generated animations which will make such teaching more tangible to the student, thereby improving the speed and quality of learning compared with traditional methods eg. picture depictions or text.